About Us

About Us

GreenLux Energy is one of the fastest-growing solar companies in Texas. With our streamlined processes, there has never been a quicker and easier way for homeowners to make the switch to solar. We take a comprehensive approach to your home solar analysis to design a solar panel system explicitly tailored around your home and energy needs. We make the switch easy by handling the entire process from qualifying your home through creating custom solar designs, engineering, permitting, installation, and activation of every system. Here at GreenLux Energy, we focus heavily on constructing quality, long-lasting solar panel systems for our customers. That means we only use high-quality industry leading components in all our operations. GreenLux Energy is honored to say that we provide our services throughout the entire Lone Star State of Texas, with no cost to get started!

Our services

Inclusive Loan Options

Homeowners can now invest in solar by utilizing our astounding finance partners, offering our customers zero-down/ low rate financing options. We offer interest rates as low as 2.99%, making it more affordable than ever to make the switch. If you can afford your monthly electricity bill, then you can afford to make the switch to clean renewable energy.

Expert Installation

Our installation team has one of the quickest turnaround times in Texas. We are fully licensed, insured, and possess all the necessary certifications accompanied by experience and a high skill set. We give our customers a 15-year labor guarantee along with a 25-year production guarantee. We maintain and monitor your system to guarantee that the system is going to be consistently producing what we promise today. Our customers can also track the production and consumption of there solar panel system daily using there own personalized login.

Trusted Parts & Components

Here at GreenLux Energy, we focus heavily on constructing quality solar panel systems for our customers. We ensure the quality of our builds by only using high-quality industry-leading parts and components in all of our projects. We use Tier 1 black on black-framed panels that mimic the home’s roof, giving your roof a more aesthetically appealing look. The panels we use have gone through rigorous hurricane testing, giving them the ability to withstand winds of up to 150 miles per hour as well as baseball-sized hail or smaller. Our panels also have a degradation rate of less than a half .5% percent a year. So in 20 years, your panels will still be producing at 90%.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the switch to renewable energy simple. We strive to provide homeowners with affordable means of attaining energy independence for their homes through the power of solar. Our team of professional energy advisors are here to fully assist you in every step of the process by providing exceptional customer service in addressing all your questions or concerns. We aim to help make a brighter future for our children.

Energy Efficient Solutions

While switching to solar power is one way to save money on your electricity bill, reducing your home's energy consumption with more energy-efficient products can also help you save. To help you consume less energy, we offer a variety of energy-efficient solutions to go along with your solar panel system.

Energy Efficiency Package

We provide our customers with the option of an energy efficiency package that includes equipping your home with LED bulbs and a Nest smart learning thermostat. With our energy efficiency package, your home will consume an estimated 5% less energy. LED bulbs are much more efficient than your standard bulb, meaning they will consume less power. The nest thermostat will monitor your families cooling and heating preferences as well as turn your system down when you’re away, helping you save more energy and money!

LG Chem Battery

Homeowners have two options when their solar system is generating surplus electricity; they can either feed that electricity into the grid or store it for later use. We offer a solar battery package that gives our customers the ability to store surplus energy by fitting there home with an LG Chem Battery attached to the solar panel system. The LG Chem Battery gives your home the power to use that energy in times of need. Protecting your home against any power outages that may occur due to adverse weather conditions or in times of a blackout. Having an extra means of battery backup helps you be even more independent from the grid and save money. See battery specifications here: https://www.acsolarwarehouse.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/RESU10H_R_Data-sheet_ver1.0_170221.pdf .

Solar Fan

We offer a solar-powered attic fan that spins at a much higher rate than traditional “whirlybirds” you tend to see on most roofs in the area. The high spin rate in the fan decreases the amount of hot air in the attic, therefore, making the attic temperature far cooler. With cooler attic temperatures, the A/C will run less frequently, causing a reduction in kWh usage and overall electricity cost savings. We estimate a decrease of up to 5% of your household`s total energy consumption.

key features:
  • High-impact, 24-watt solar panel delivers durability and power.
  • Quiet, direct-current motor comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Precision-balanced fan blades constructed using non-corrosive aluminum.
  • Solar panel bracket is adjustable, allowing you to capture the maximum amount of sun possible.
  • Top-quality flashing is made using commercial-grade, powder-coated aluminum.
  • Stainless steel screen prevents debris as well as birds and pests from obstructing the fan or entering your home.
  • Installs quickly and easily, without wiring, structural changes, or repainting of your home.
  • The system is watertight, leak-proof, and maintenance-free.
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